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What is the PDU?
The PDU is the Professional Drivers Uniting, A unity and solidarity of UK Truckers working together, talking and helping each other, offering advice to those that ask, bringing back the good we all want, camaraderie and friendship and in turn improving our image for the better. With unity we can start to gain respect and be involved in decision making, achieve improvements and tackle the many issues.


Is the PDU a Union?
No, The PDU is a platform for uniting UK Truckers as a profession working together and as one.


How much does it cost to Join?
You can pay just £5.00 a one of payment to cover cost so as to receive your welcome package.


What is the Subscription for?
The Subscription is to pay for your identity within the PDU.  An ID Card with your unique number that may be used to gain discounts avaliable to members on the website. A cab window sticker to show others your involvement, some cards to pass onto other road users you might help to try and improve the image of truckers.


What do I get out of it?

To be seen as part of the unity, something truckers have asked for a long time. You can receive good discounts already avaliable and hopefully more to follow.


What will the PDU do?
The aim of the PDU is primarily to bring about unity and then more camaraderie to help each other. It is also trying to open doors of communication with the Industry and Government and to tackle the issues you the drivers want sorting out. No single Driver can tackle National issues and the PDU will be the point of commnuication (Some issues that you may have are posted on the website under "Issues")


How do I get involved?
By joining you will be involved, your opinion is important and the PDU wants to ensure we tackle the issues that concern you. We anticipate that more drivers will be able to help with experience in some matters and possibly attend meetings as part of this unity.


The PDU-UK needs your support to bring about improvements. We cannot do it alone but united as a a profession then we can bring about benefits to make our working day better. Doing nothing will not help resolve the issues.

Join the Unity Now

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