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PDU Aims for 2017

An opportunity for UK Drivers to address their concerns and issues.
Talking to the Industry.
Only when Drivers are respected and work with the Industry will things improve.


In terms of a 40 year career in Trucking then the PDU has only been in existence for a very short term and a lot of hard work is required before it can be established as a representative voice for those in this profession.

Some have joined the group and as such are adding support to what “could” be achieved if the PDU can form a strong unity. 
Many have also offered support in words of helping to move it forward in the future and in time the PDU will form lobby’s to tackle those many issues and to talk on how to better the profession.

In a very short time we have progressed in making contacts and already opening doors for much debate. An offer of round table talks with a group of Drivers is in waiting with the RHA. An offer of meeting with Ministers when the time is right is available.

Behind the scenes many letters and contact is being made to make the PDU recognizable to many in the Industry with replies coming from parties involved with a favourable response, the overall aim is to establish the PDU as the point of contact and for further debate in the near future.

The PDU will aim to get on board some of those good Companies that treat their Drivers correctly with respect and proper wage and conditions so that the PDU can aim to bring all up to the same deserving standards for all drivers.

We do appeal to those who do work under good conditions that have a good boss who pays them correctly to support the PDU so with unity we can help bring in better conditions for all. There are no guarantees in this profession that in the future you may be in a position to be in the seat of those who work for more scrupulous bosses and then wish support had been offered so that as a profession the minimum respect in wages and conditions are available to all.

All that work in this proud profession of trucking, try themselves to improve and move on to better Companies with those bosses who respect them, but most have also started somewhere and respect many need to be brought to account.

No Driver in this Industry can say everything is perfect, some things need improving that are beyond just a good boss or conditions and within and a bigger scale of things like parking and the DCPC which can only be amended on a National level.

The PDU is the only name that is “trying” to bring about unity from all walks of diversity within this profession and in this Industry to work together as one for the better of all in the future.

A name that can become a voice, a means of contact for debate and discussion and in time a part of this Industry recognized for Drivers in the same way the RHA and FTA have at present.

With UNITY and growth in numbers much is achieved.

On every TV channel and news channel we are hearing of the National Conferences, imagine an Annual National PDU Conference where those same TV and news channels could hear your concerns and send out your message to the general public, Government and the Industry.

Much can be achieved in working practices, improvements in conditions and facilities, a better image to the public if only you can unite instead of being divided.

Support the PDU, offer your advice and help, join in debate and discussion and unite as one so we can be strong with a voice and the respect all within this profession deserve.

Thank you for reading


Article by the PDU on the Driver shortage

Sent out to Government Dept's, RHA, FTA and other parties.


Letter to the DfH concerning Medicals

I have today sent a Letter below to the Department of Health properly presented and on headed letter.

If anyone would like to send similar or copy and paste to their own MP to make the case stronger then please do.

I will inform you of any reply


Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP

I am contacting you in reference to the HGV Driver Medicals as a requirement for all Drivers over 45 and then every five years following.

These Medicals were rightly introduced for all drivers by legislation on the grounds of Road Safety and anything that keeps our roads safe are of major importance.

It has come to my attention that some Doctors surgeries around the UK are continually increasing the price for Drivers to undergo these Medicals, my own Medical in 2015 cost £90 for 15 minutes and some are charging as much as £120

There are private online facilities now forming using Doctors on a side line and charging just £48.00 http://www.gettingamedical.co.uk/ so this cost is reasonable but not available to many Drivers in parts of the Country where they do not offer their services.

If these private services are able to offer Driver Medicals at just £48. Why do Doctors in NHS Doctor Surgeries need to charge extortionate prices for something that Drivers require to keep their licence and as part of keeping our roads safe?

Is it really justified that Drivers need to use a day’s earnings just so he can continue doing his job?

Could I request that you might consider and look into legislation to implement a fixed price Drivers Medical throughout all NHS Doctor Surgeries?

The public know exactly what they have to pay for a prescription, while when a Driver needs to obtain his Medical by law to keep his job, he has to start ringing different surgeries to get quotes of prices or try to obtain online services and these could well then be undertaken by a Doctor that knows nothing about him or his background other than what is on his records.

It is only right and justified that all Drivers that need a medical are treated fairly, when one is able to pay just £48 because he can obtain it online, while another in a rural location has to pay £120 is not fair and justified.

Drivers in the UK provide a valuable service to the UK and as such should be treated fairly and with due respect not used as profit for NHS Doctor Surgeries.

All Government Dept.’s should know about a looming Drivers shortage and these extra cost to drivers are not helping to alleviate it.

If a private facility is able to offer a Driver Medical at £48.00 with the extra overhead cost.

Might I ask you consider that all NHS Doctor Surgeries set Driver Medicals at a fair price of £40.00 for all Drivers, so they know exactly what they will need to pay out in the future.

I will post this letter sent to you on my various media outlets and website forums informing them of this enquiry and as such will inform them of any reply received to keep them informed as to whether you will look into this.

As each day goes by more Drivers are paying out for Medicals so I request this matter be considered in the short term.

Yours sincerely




The PDU replied to Mr Burnett CEO RHA:-

Mr Burnett
Thank you for your correspondence in reply to our meeting of the 8th March.
Your reply has been published so drivers can see your considerations on how to further progress in resolving some of the issues drivers have and most have welcomed it, but as expressed to you a number still consider the RHA as not wanting to help drivers. This is mainly due to them never recognizing what might go on in the background and how long some things can take to be of benefit.

I thank you for your offer of round table talks and as such will need a few months to allow time to gather information and make it presentable, Possibly best for me to contact you when we as Drivers are ready for more talks.

My consideration is that there is still a very poor lack of communication between Driver and the Industry and for drivers to be seen as respected and a part of the Industry. This is something that needs to be looked into in the short term so drivers can recognize it.

The PDU-UK is trying to bring about a form of unity and a platform of communication between Driver and other bodies within the Industry, RHA, FTA, GOV, DVSA, VOSA all who need on occasion to inform Drivers. The same applies in that Drivers sometimes need to be involved in decision making before and not after it is presented.

Within the PDU in the future there will be a news and information portal where we can inform drivers and it is my hope that other Industry bodies might use this to inform drivers.

There is a lot of work to do to resolve some of the issues, of which in return it will help bring new recruits into the profession and possibly halt any shortage, there are 1000s of drivers already with a licence who will no longer work in the conditions presently at hand but many who would consider coming back if changes are brought about to attract them.

Drivers are the main source of recruitment by encouragement and recommendation but at present the majority within could not recommend it to others that this is a good career choice and this is why drivers need to be far more a part of the Industry in decision making and respected to have a say within it.

The Industry is losing 1000s of proud, highly experienced drivers who passed on their skills to the younger generation and this is a disaster for the long term of the Industry.

4 years ago when I worked with SfL and other bodies I produced along with other drivers the “Drivers Consultation Paper”http://www.truckersworld.co.uk/Skills-Crisis.htm to give an insight into the problems and concerns of Drivers and it was presented to the Industry. 
To date I fail to recognize one improvement from within our concerns. It is now well outdated but still gives a good review of the problems.

After our discussion I hope the RHA might consider inviting the PDU if at any time they might want to hear a view from a drivers standing at seminars or meetings. After campaigning for drivers for 14 years I do have a good understanding and the PDU within its media can obtain opinion on certain matters from a wide audience to be presentable from many.

I thank you again for granting me your time for our meeting and I now hope the door for further communication is wide open.

Drivers need to be “seen” as respected and a part of the Industry and maybe the PDU can offer the portal to present it and form the communication between us all.

I will be in contact soon.

Best wishes

Barrie Tozer

Following a Meeting between the PDU and Mr Burnett CEO RHA this response was received:-


good morning and apologies for the length of time it has taken for me to write, there has been a lot going on in the world of transport since we met and I think its fair to say I have been inundated.

I would of course like to thank you for making time to meet with me in Peterborough to discuss the important role that the driver plays in the logistics industry and the critical issues that you see that are effecting driver retention and recruitment. Clearly as an industry we have a lot of work to do still to attract both a younger audience and woman into the industry as well.

We talked a length about conditions, but there were a number of specific issues that you felt were real priorities that the industry needed to fix to improve driver retention and recruitment in the medium to long term. The issues that you raised and I captured were as follows:

1. Long hours
2. Wages (£7.50 an hour)
3. Drivers being rushed and put under pressure
4. Driver CPC - quality of courses, content and cost for those drivers that have paid themselves
5. Cost of driver medicals
6. Driver facilities, parking, cost of parking
7. Treatment of drivers at delivery points

In my experience if you are going to influence change you need good constructive evidence that supports what you are saying. Without this you have no chance of getting Government or Industry to listen.

As I explained on the day, I am happy to engage further and reaffirm my offer of a round table discussion. If you could organise a group and cross section of drivers, I will organise a date and venue to listen.

This session will need to be constructive, balanced and informative, but also needs to be supported with facts and figures that back up the views and opinions that we discussed. That means anecdotal evidence won’t cut it, and a real poll of your members on the issues that you raised is critical to both understanding the issues, but then addressing them with pragmatic solutions in the longer term. For instance on drivers wages, how many business’s pay £7.50 an hour, in what sectors (general haulage, livestock, tipper etc?), is it a flat rate or a rate based upon minimum basic hours plus time and half thereafter with double time for weekends?

I hope this summary captures the essence of what we discussed and look forward to catching up again soon. I will of course be in touch with a date, time of location for our agreed round table discussion.


Richard Burnett

March 25th 2016 The formation of unity and recognition of  UK Truckers begins.
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