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UK Truckers need to be heard for issues to be resolved!

The PDU-UK, 100% for Truckers, by truckers ,non-profit


The Professional Drivers Uniting - UK
100% for UK Truckers, by UK Truckers, non-profit,


This is so important:-
It is your money so you need to be careful however much and at £5.00 it is not a lot, but still your money.
Firstly all monies are going into a separate bank account for the PDU-UK and will be used to purchase the next batch of welcome package.

Some are trying to dish the dirt and quick to say it is a scam, lining his own pockets, a retirement plan. “I WISH” I will always be out of pocket using my own money.

I stumped up the initial cost to purchase the Membership packages, as the £5.00 comes in it will go into the bank to purchase the next batch and so I will never get my money back.

£5.00 Income from Membership, then nearly £5.00 sent out to the Member as a Welcome Package, a small amount over might help towards the monthly cost of the website, Forum and form and database handling fees.

If the cost of the Merchandise goes up next year then I might be out of pocket for each new member as the £5.00 will not increase.
It is 100% About UNITY



Whether the PDU has got one member or 10,000 you will join because what it offers to do is what you want and the actual membership in place makes no difference

Just one more makes the membership stronger and gives added strength to any negotiations on your behalf.

You do not need to know if it is being supported before joining or it is like following the sheep, make your own decision and maybe lead the way.


I put the foundations of the PDU-UK in place.

Over the years talking to many drivers, doing surveys and gathering information recognized there is a need for unity and then to try and tackle the many issues Drivers have within the Industry and a higher level of Government.

The primary issues are published on the website under “Issues” with possible solutions and means to resolve them.

The first target is to try and bring Drivers together in unity to build the house on the foundations.

The second target for the PDU is to introduce these issues to those in a position of Authority to negotiate the improvements required by Drivers that benefit everyone and open a door for further talks on resolving the matter at hand.

The Third Target is to ensure the PDU collects as much information as possible from drivers to ensure when addressing the issues it is truly to their requirement. It will then be possible to make a proper presentation for further talks to commence.

Once a professional presentation is available and ready. The PDU then needs to form a lobby of 5-7 Drivers to take these talks further with those in Authority. Each meeting might involve a different lobby of Drivers. It is no good taking five drivers that only do days for talks on overnight parking, or drivers who are under 45 for talks on medicals cost. Each meeting will need its own organizing.

There can be no time scale; nothing can happen overnight or quickly, no miracles are in place. To tackle issues will take time so when appropriate benefits can truly be achieved.

The Foundations are in place, but the house will need many professionals, a lot of experience, some alterations, and time to build the brickwork and then together put the roof on to the satisfaction of all involved.

One man cannot build a house; it needs a team, a unity working together on the same project.


Many are asking why was it not FREE or why does it need to cost £5.00
Many of you on are members of FB Groups with many members so why not arrange meetings and talk to Authority to get improvements.

Mainly because to talk to those at a higher level seriously then you need recognition in doing so.
The PDU-UK could become that name with a recognition and so it also wants the membership to be seen as part of it with recognition by ID Card.
It is simply the way the PDU needs to go, so it can be taken seriously at a higher level.
Only £5.00 to join and receive the recognition as part and involvement within it.

On becoming a Member with recognition and ID Card it can then also bring about its own rewards, which is why the PDU also decided on this rather than being Free. Already discounts are in place and more to come over time and so all should get their money back and more. Gloves, Truck Sat Navs, boots, clothing are all available now with discounts and just one purchase and your money is back in your pocket.